Friday, February 24, 2012

Can't You Do Something By The Book? Just Once?

I'm frustrated.  Really, really frustrated.  There are many times when I'm glad that Judith's different, and her feisty & stubborn personality is behind her doing things differently than the norm.  This is not one of those times.

Remember my post from Monday about Judith's test results?  Well, you can color me completely baffled right now.  I don't deny the results - they did 2 tests on that 1 sample, and everything's normal.  We know that.  But then why did the enzymes make such a drastic difference?  And why, if things are normal, have things reverted back to the way they were pre-enzymes?  We're on our 3rd poo today, it's been a production each time to get it out, the color is not normal, it's getting bulky, and the last one looked a little greasy again (John changed the second diaper, so I'm not sure how that one really looked).  Some of the changes this week, specifically Wednesday, I thought were a combination of being off the enzymes and teething.  Today, that's been blown out of the window.

Naturally, Judith waits until office hours are over at the clinic and the weekend starts.  Lovely.  They have a nurse line for evenings and weekends, but I don't want to call them about something that's not really an emergency.  My anxious self wants to be able to discuss this today and see what needs to be done, but the rational part of myself is saying there probably isn't a lot that they can do for her, other than run more test (on what, I don't know) to try to pinpoint the problem.

I need one of those signs with a circle on it that says "Bang head here."

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