Sunday, August 26, 2012

All Clear

Judith had her follow-up appointment with Dr. W. on Friday to make sure her ear infection and cold were gone.  Good news: her ears were clear!  Bad news: she was a hot freakin' mess.  She performed her usual antics that she pulls at a doctor's office, but this time started as soon as we hit the exam room and one of her favorite nurses took her temperature.  Silly child.  She still has a stuffy nose, and we're not sure if it's left over from the cold or if it could indicate allergies, so we're watching it.  I already know Dr. G. is going to want to do allergy testing when we do her annual blood work at clinic, so that should help give us some answers, but it'll be a long wait.  Oh, and Judith also got her flu shot.  I couldn't believe that the office already had them in and available!  Dr. W. asked if we wanted to do it, and I jumped on the opportunity - I do feel better knowing she has it and will have the protection as we head into the fall, but this also means I won't have to make a separate appointment and make a separate trip for her to get it.  It's nice when things work out so conveniently!  John and I will have to get ours at some point, but we have a bit of time before we have to worry about that.

In other news, Judith's been adding some new words.  She has a long list, but most recently she started saying "Daddy" instead of "Dada."  I've been trying to get her to say "Mama," but no dice.  Today, though, she finally, FINALLY started saying "Mommy!"  I was thinking, "It's about time, kid."  But deep down, I'm thrilled that she's saying this stuff, and it only took 20-almost-21 months to hear!

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