Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Had A Good Run...

... but our track record is broken.  Thankfully I caught it early enough before it escalated into something more serious.  Judith has a summer cold with an ear infection - not surprising since we went to Hands-on-House last Friday.  She's been congested, and yesterday she was acting a little off, mostly with her sleep (she was sleeping a ton), and today she kept sneezing, causing her nose to run - this kid's nose rarely runs, so it's been a new experience for us.  Go figure that, just like last December when she had the sinus infection, she gets sick when Dr. G. is out of the office, the nurse coordinator is out until next week, and Dr. W. doesn't have any appointment blocks available.  ::facepalm::

We did get an appointment with a different doctor, and Judith handled the change pretty well.  Probably because it was someone new, and she couldn't predict what he would do.  In any case, the good news is her lungs are clear, so we don't need to increase her Albuterol or vest treatments right now.  If she starts coughing more, then I'll add an extra session or 2 to make sure things are getting cleaned out.  The bad news is she is on a 10 day course of Augmentin for the ear infection and to hopefully keep things from setting up shop in her lungs.  The pedi told us that there's a possibility that things could get a little worse before they get better, but we're hoping that's not the case and the antibiotics will kick in quickly.

We were working on adapting to her sleeping in her big crib at night, and she was doing really well until last night.  I thought it would be better to have her sleep in our room for a few days until she's feeling better, then we can go back to the other arrangement.  So for now, Judith's back in the travel lite with 1 end elevated to help relieve some of the pressure in her ears and help with the congestion.

I have to say, though, that the little bugger's already mastered the art of sharing, and was generous to share her germs with me.

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