Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall Preparations

It's that time of year: the start of a new school year is around the corner, back to school ads and commercials have been in the papers or airing for a few weeks, and the fall lines of clothes have hit the racks.  I think I'm ready for the cooler weather, especially after the insanely hot and humid weather we've had this summer.

I've been shopping for Judith, and am really excited for her to wear some new (or new to her) clothes!  It's extra challenging this year - she's not growing as quickly, and it's hard to predict what size she's going to be in for the upcoming seasons.  I'm anticipating she'll be in 12-18 month sizes for at least the fall, if not most of the winter.  I scored a bunch of pants last week at a freecycle event that my in-laws' church had, and all we need to do is get some more onesies/tops for her.  I ordered her dresses for church last night on eBay (smocked, of course!), and I'll be ordering the 2 smocked bubbles I want to get for her in a few weeks.  We'll need to get her a couple pairs of shoes and some tights, but then we'll be set.

I'm happy to report that Judith's cold didn't get as bad as it could have, and it seems to have cleared up completely.  I'm not sure if her ears are completely clear yet, but she's still taking her antibiotics so we should be good.  We moved her back to her room a couple nights ago since she doesn't really need to be elevated anymore, and I decreased her vest treatments back to the normal 2 per day since her cough has disappeared.

Speaking of vest treatments, we have a treatment goal time.  I talked to the nurse the other day, and asked what we should be shooting for.  They want her to work up to 30 minutes twice a day - right now it seems like a lofty goal considering the novelty has more than worn off and Judith has become Little Miss Fussy Pants with her treatments, but we're going to try it anyway.  Right now we're sitting at 12 minutes, and I'm going to keep bumping up the time gradually.  Thank goodness for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates - they're going to save my sanity and hopefully make those 30 minute sessions possible!

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