Monday, September 17, 2012

Annual Eye Exam

Judith's annual eye exam was this morning, and what a fun visit it was (I use "fun" loosely).  The appointment overall went well: they dilated her eyes, and the opthamologist saw that the farsightedness progressed to +4 in her right eye and +4.5 in her left eye.  That's still borderline, but is at the point where they'll start to prescribe glasses to help correct things.  The opthomologist was kind of leaving it up to us about whether we wanted to do it right now or wait a few months, but I told her that Judith's still having issues with color contrast (if things are too similar in color, she doesn't always see where it is) and she said we should go ahead and do this now.  Judith was fit for some cute frames, and will be getting her new glasses in about a week.  I have to say she does look cute in them!  I promise to post a picture or 2 once she has them.

Judith treated her opthamologist just like any other doctor: she was a hot mess from the moment the doc walked into the exam room, and didn't stop until we were at the checkout desk.  I swear you would think we were ripping out her toenails based off of her screams!  I'm glad my mom was there to help.  I really can't wait for the day that she doesn't scream bloody murder at every appointment.  I know the doctors are used to this kind of behavior, but now it's getting embarrassing.  Minnie only worked as a distraction for so long, and I'm starting to be at a loss about what to do with her.  Frequent doctor visits aren't going to ease up, and I'm hoping she'll start adapting to things soon.


  1. Awww, don't worry, I think most little ones dread going to the doctor. She's cute, so I'm sure that gets her a pass. Can't wait to see her tiny little glasses!

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