Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye, September

Hello, October!  I can't believe that tomorrow's already the first day of October!  It's a reminder that we're 1 month closer to having a 2 year old.

Anyway, we had a relatively good, yet busy, final weekend of September.  Friday was basically a fail: Judith refused to go to bed at a decent time, and after a messy diaper change, she fell asleep only to wake up an hour and a half later, screaming.  We tried bringing her to bed with us, but she didn't want to sleep, so she went back into her crib.  Repeat the process every hour and a half for the next few hours, and you can see why we were seriously dragging Saturday morning (and she decided to bless us with a 6:45 AM wakeup call on top of that...).  Dosing her with tylenol helped once I realized that her teeth really must've been bugging her.  Like I mentioned in previous posts, her 2 year molars are the last 4 teeth we're waiting on, and they better not take 6 months to come in like the 1 year molars, otherwise I might go insane.

Saturday brought a wonderful treat!  My uncle, aunt, and cousin's son decided to make the trip east for a visit!  Between Judith's health, the logistics of traveling with a small baby and all of the gear we would've needed, the steadily increasing Turnpike tolls, and a general clash of schedules, it's been well over a year since we had the chance to visit.  The last time they saw us was in the beginning of April 2011 when my cousin graduated from the state police academy.  I couldn't get over how much my cousin's son grew, and everyone else couldn't get over how much Judith grew and changed!  It was hilarious watching Judith interact with her 2nd cousin, too!

That evening, we all went downtown for my hometown's annual fair.  I always forget how much of a pain it really is to have to drive around that sucker (it's a street fair, and it blocks off the main street and several of the side streets).  I have to say that the prices for things were insane at most stands, but some were relatively reasonable.  And it was neat seeing some of the new games and rides, but it was also nice to see that some things never change (hello, Fat Albert!).  Judith didn't ride anything this year - she's still a little too small for most of them, and I know she wouldn't sit still long enough to truly be safe on most of them.  She enjoyed watching the crowds and looking at all of the sites, though.  We had to leave early (don't ask...), then went back to my parents' house to have dinner with them and my grandmother.

Today was uneventful in comparison, but we did get a lot of housework completed.  We removed the air conditioner from our bedroom window, and it's already nice having the extra light filtering in!  I want to put the screen back in that window so we can get some extra air flow, but it'll probably have to wait until later in the week when we have time to seal it off from the stinkbugs.  I also transitioned out Judith's wardrobe, and cleaned out her closet.  Putting away the 12 month clothing was bad enough, but I could've cried packing up some of her small smocked outfits.  Her Easter dress from last year (size 3 months) looks absolutely tiny in comparison to her dress from this past year (size 12 months), and even though she's still really small, it's hard to believe that the 3 month size was huge on her not that long ago.  I feel a bit better putting them away knowing she has 2 adorable dresses and 1 adorable long bubble (soon to be 3 adorable long bubbles, once the other 2 ship) hanging in there, ready for her to wear.

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! Glad you guys survived the fair :-P