Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Appointment

Getting sick of reading these types of entries yet?  I know I'm sick of typing them.  But to be fair, I know this is the only way a lot of family and friends get a regular update, so I will continue to entertain you with our antics (or vents - whichever the case may be).

Yesterday my mom and dad came to the house to help me take Judith for an echocardiogram.  We ventured all the way up to Bethlehem for this one.  I realized how extra confusing it can be getting around there, even though I was there every single day for 2 months.  Then again, I was also only going between the parking lot and NICU, and occasionally the cafeteria.  Anyway, once we figured out where we needed to be we were set.

The scan felt like it took forever.  I seriously question what people think when they design these tests and want to perform them on an infant: for this test, Judith had to sit completely still and not make any noise (especially cry).  Really, folks.  She's an infant.  How unrealistic can you possibly be?  The tech kept getting frustrated/half mad at me, but I know my baby and she is absolutely refusing to have anything to do with a pacifier anymore - ever since she discovered her thumb a few weeks ago, that ended the paci fascination.  The tech wanted me to give Judith a bottle to help quiet her down, and that was good for about 5 minutes until she needed to burp and her reflux started acting up.  Put that on top of the fact that I wasn't wild about giving her the bottle then because A. she was lying flat, and that would aggravate the reflux and B. she was lying flat, and recommendations are to feed a baby on an incline to help prevent ear infections.  Yes, I realize that 1 time is not going to give her an ear infection, but I was really more concerned about her spewing everywhere from the acid backup.

At one point, the tech made a comment about Judith not liking anyone poking around her belly.  No crap, lady.  Judith never liked that, so what makes anyone think she's going to start enjoying it now?  And to top it off, she decided to load her diaper with a nice, stinky poo.  The tech was gracious enough to let me change her, then tried to get more shots.

I made a comment about wondering how they did these scans with Judith in the NICU, and the tech made a snarky comment about one person pinning the baby down and another holding the pacifier in the baby's mouth.  I'm still trying to figure out how this worked based on how feisty Judith was and still is.

I almost flipped out completely when the tech sneezed into a gauze pad, but never washed her hands before touching my baby.  I'm freaking out enough right now about being able to take Judith out into public very soon, and this lady doesn't even practice good hand washing and she works in a freakin' HOSPITAL.  Oh.My.Goodness.  Really, when you know you have a preemie in the room, wash your #@%^$ hands after sneezing or coughing!

Over 80 "pictures" later, we were finally done.  I was so ready to get out of there.  We'll see what the cardiologist says tomorrow.  I'm hoping that the PFO is closed and we won't have to go back.

At least the weather was nice yesterday.

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