Thursday, November 3, 2011

11 Months

Judith, you are 11 months old today!  In 30 days you'll be 1 year old, and will no longer be an infant - you'll be a toddler.

Here are the highlights from the past month:

* You received your second flu shot, and have some protection for this season.

* Another CF clinic appointment came and went.  The pulmonologist was concerned about your weight gain, so we're trying to push more higher calorie foods.  You had another test for pancreatic function, and everything still looks normal.

* Mommy & Daddy took you to visit some of our former professors from the college we graduated from, and you got to play the pipe organ in the chapel!  You went straight for the trumpet stop - apparently you have a thing for this stop, because it's always one you make a grab for!

* You had your first visit to Zoo America, and got to meet more of the mamas and babies from the message boards!

* We completed another quarterly evaluation for Early Intervention.  You've been in the program for 6 months, and are making great progress!

* You had your hearing test follow-up and passed it again.  The antibiotics you received in the NICU didn't do any damage, and your hearing is normal.

* We had our first tour of the completed building addition at the church Mommy grew up in.  You enjoyed hearing the Shriner German Band play.  Grandma & Grandpa H. were thrilled to carry you around and show off your progress to everyone.

* You won't remember it, but you experienced an historic snowstorm on the 29th.  It's rare that we see accumulating snow at this time of year to begin with, let alone see about 8" fall!

* You had your first Halloween!

* We took you for a follow-up eye appointment.  You don't have strabismus - you have pseudostrabismus, which means your facial structure makes it look like your eyes are crossing when they really aren't.  As you get older, this will go away.  We're still monitoring your farsightedness, but for now you don't need glasses to correct it.

Judith's 11 Month Stats:
Weight: 15 lbs, 8 oz

Length: 26"

Hair & Eye Color: Your hair hasn't changed since last month - in color or quantity.  Your eyes are really starting to change!  There is more brown visible, so I'm guessing you'll have brown eyes like Mommy & Daddy.

Teeth: 2, both on the bottom.  You are teething like crazy again and gnawing on everything, so more are probably on the way!

Clothing Size: Mostly 3-6 month, but we're starting to move you into some 6-9 month sleepers and pants.

Diaper Size: 3

Meals:  You get 5 bottles a day, totaling about 22 oz.  You will still eat fruit purees, but vegetable purees are completely out of the equation.  Most of your meals consist of finger/table foods, and you are starting to try many new things!

Developmental Milestones: You are doing a ton of new things!  You crawl and explore everywhere, you sit unsupported and finally figured out how to push yourself up into a sitting position, you can climb up and down the stairs, you're starting to learn how to wave, your pincer grasp is emerging, you can feed yourself finger foods, you love "talking" to everyone and sound like you're getting ready to say real words, and (much to our surprise during the snowstorm!) you are pulling yourself up into a standing position!  You accomplished 3 of those all within the last week of October (pushing into a sit, pulling to stand, and navigating the stairs) - way to go, big girl!

Sitting tall, unsupported!

Fascinated by the camera lens

Happy 11 months, Judith!

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