Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cold and Flu Season is Here...

... and we may be fighting off the first cold.  I noticed that Judith has been coughing more toward the end of last week, and after the big weather change Thursday into Friday, it sounded wet.  I called the clinic first thing, and they put her on an antibiotic immediately to help prevent anything else from taking over (they like to treat all CF patients aggressively to ward off any potential problems as soon as they can).  Poor peanut hasn't been herself - she fell asleep on her back twice on Friday, and didn't roll over to settle in like she normally does.  Her appetite has gone to pot, and she's not taking in as much as she was before.  Combined with some major teething, she's turning into a hot mess - not that I blame her.  :(

The first thing I thought of while making the call to Hershey was "Thank God we got her first Synagis shot into her a week and a half prior!"  Any exposure to RSV, and the vaccine will help prevent it from growing further, but I don't think it is RSV since she hasn't had any other symptoms so far.

Anyway, her pulmonologist put her on a Sulfa antibiotic to help with the cough.  Cue a small panic on my part - I'm allergic to all sulfas, so now I have to watch her closely to make sure she doesn't develop a rash.  So far, so good; my allergies didn't turn up until I took it 2 or 3 times, and since this is her first time (I'm assuming - I can't remember if she had any sulfas when she was in the NICU) I'm hoping we'll be good to go.  Trying to get her to take it is a completely different story.  We have a thicker oral injector the pharmacy gave us since she's getting a teaspoon twice a day.  It's a slow process, and we can only give her about 1mL at a time or else she won't take any of it, and even then she still spits some of it out.  Apparently medicinal grape flavor doesn't fool her.  Naturally, she manages to get her hands involved, smearing some of the antibiotic on them, and attempting to stick them in my mouth.  I'm probably overreacting, but I really don't want to run the risk of ingesting some of it and ending up with a bad rash for Thanksgiving.  If I didn't know better, I'd say she's trying to get revenge on me for forcing her to take the stuff.  Only 8 days more of this...

As for the teething front, I am happy to announce that there are some definite bubbles on Judith's gums!  I managed to peek inside her mouth yesterday, and there are some prime spots ready to come through soon, mostly on the upper left side of her mouth.  Oddly enough, it looks like she's cutting her upper canines first, but the other front teeth don't look like they're far behind.  I can see them lined up under the gums, and Judith is gnawing on anything and everything she can get her hands on.  I still hold with the stance that we're lucky in the teething department - so many moms that I talk to seem to have it much worse with their little ones, and I count my blessings that she seems to handle it relatively well (even though it still has to hurt a ton).

Yesterday was super exciting!  I got to meet another one of the wonderful ladies I talk to online, and she took Judith's 1 year photos for us!  She is super talented, and such a nice person to be around - I really hope that we can get together again sometime soon!  Once we get the link for the proofs, I'll post 1 or 2 so you can see the great job she does!

I know this is long already, but I have to share a funny story about the doggies (and frankly, I don't post about them much and feel guilty about that sometimes haha).  John had his laptop at my parents' house, and when we got back from pictures he was working on some church stuff.  He left the laptop running downstairs, and came up briefly to look at a present idea for Judith.  Little peanut needed a diaper change, so I had to run downstairs to get the wipes.  Buster felt the need to follow me down, and next thing I know he's barking at something.  Buster doesn't bark often (not like Lady, who will bark at a speck of dust floating by outside because it dared stray onto her turf), but when he does, it's usually because he doesn't like something (like a cat, another dog, or a rabbit).  I was upstairs, and his barking continued.  My mom asked who was barking, and I said it was Buster!  My grandmother couldn't figure out what he was barking at either; after a few more minutes of this, John finally called him and he ran upstairs.  A couple minutes later, he followed John downstairs, and began barking again.  This time we figured out what the issue was: Buster apparently didn't like the floating balls screen saver on John's laptop, and was barking at it!  He did this once before with a makeup model on one of my magazines, and it was just as funny then as it was yesterday!  He's so weird, but so entertaining at the same time!

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