Thursday, November 17, 2011

World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day.  It's a day to help bring awareness to premature birth and the struggles these little miracles encounter.  It's a day of honor and remembrance.

Every year, 1 million preemies die worldwide, and 12 million preemies worldwide struggle to survive.

So many complications can plague these tiny, fragile lives.  Some of these complications will have a lifelong impact on the child, others will dissipate over time and with intervention.

I feel blessed that Judith is a survivor.  Things could've turned out differently for us.  I have an additional blessing in my niece, who was also a preemie - things could have been very different for her too.  But through God's grace, both Judith and my niece are doing well today.

There are mothers whom I met on the message boards that have lost their babies that were born too soon.  Today is a day to remember them.

Over the last 11 months, I've had the honor of meeting and getting to know a great group of other preemie mothers, both in the NICU and on the message boards.  It feels wonderful knowing that there are friends who have similar experiences and understand what you go through that you can share your frustrations, joys, and care tips with.  Today is a day to honor these babies.

Help us bring awareness to prematurity.  Share our stories with others.

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