Friday, March 2, 2012

15 Month Well Baby Visit

All I have to say is at least Judith's consistent!  We had another fun-filled appointment, this time with her primary pediatrician for her 15 month well baby check.  I'm super glad my dad was able to come and help me - it would've been next to impossible to talk to Dr. W. with Judith shrieking in my ear!

Judith was leery when we checked in, but as soon as she saw the nurses she started whining. The second we hit the exam room, she was in a full-blown pissed off state, and was clinging very tightly to my dad.  It was an adventure undressing her and getting a dry diaper on her for an accurate weight!

She continued to shriek as the nurse measured her head, her length, and weighed her.  Judith had herself that upset that once we got back to the room she puked all over my dad's shoulder and the floor.  This was a new experience for us - not so much the puking, but her getting that upset that she puked.  Lesson learned: don't feed her a lot before these appointments until she gets better about doctor visits!

The good news is she gained about half a pound since we were at the CF clinic last month, and she's back in the 3rd percentile for weight!  She weighed 19 lbs and was 28" long (still not on the charts, but we'll get there eventually).  I missed what her head circumference was because of her screaming, but I do know that she's still in the 10% for that.  She's following her own curve, and her pediatrician is pleased with that!  Granted, we'll have to wait and see what her CF team says at her next clinic visit, but I'm hoping that she's back on track for steady weight gain!

Everything else looked good too: her lungs were clear (yay!), her ears looked good, her joints are moving properly, and she's not showing really significant delays developmentally (at least nothing more than what we would expect because of her prematurity).

I knew Judith would be getting her next Synagis shot, but I didn't realize she would get 2 more shots.  I thought we were caught up with everything and she would get more of them at her 18 month visit, but she ended up getting 2 more today.  So she had 3 shots, but 4 needle sticks because of the pesky Synagis.  My lack of realization with the shots is solely my fault - I forgot to check the CDC's recommended schedule before this appointment, so I need to remind myself to check it before her 18 month so I'm better prepared and not surprised!

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