Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Checking for Pancreatic Insufficiency

... didn't happen.  I am FURIOUS with our primary pediatrician practice right now!  We didn't see our regular pediatrician almost 2 weeks ago when I took Judith in to have the tests run, but this doctor kept insisting that what Judith had was viral.  I know my child well enough to realize that this wasn't viral because the symptoms didn't line up with what they were like during previous viral infections, and her CF team seemed to agree with me.  It was almost like pulling teeth from an alligator to get this doctor to listen to what I was saying about her team wanting tests run to rule out various bacteria like giardia, and that they also wanted them to test the elastice in her stool to make sure her pancreas was functioning normally.  I also distinctly remember saying numerous times that her CF team was there to take her phone call if stuff wasn't clear or she doubted what I was saying and needed to double check with them.

Not once did the doctor leave the exam room to double check, but wrote out orders for a bunch of different tests and sent us home with the specimen kit.  I honestly don't care how arrogant this sounds, but dammit this doctor should've listened to what I was saying about calling her CF team to ask exactly what they wanted done, because she ordered the incorrect test!  On top of that, the office once again ignored the instructions from the clinic about faxing them copies of the test results, and I'm so over constantly tracking down the nurses at the pediatrician's office to get lab results and constantly riding them to fax them like they should've done initially.

Yes, I realize that doctors' offices are busy places, and they have tons of patients to worry about.  But how stinking hard is it to make a little note in the computer system to fax the lab results to the specialists that effing need to know some of the results of things you're testing for?!  The office had these lab results LAST WEDNESDAY.  That's right: the day Judith was admitted to flush out her system, her pediatrician had the lab results and didn't bother faxing them.  Faxing them would've allowed her CF team to see that the pediatrician ordered the wrong test, and we could've gotten a stool sample to send to the lab with her first dirty diaper after the Go Lightly was started (since that one wasn't liquid poo yet) and wouldn't have to wait even longer to see what her pancreas is doing.

I'm a fairly patient person, and generally very understanding of busy schedules and whatnot.  It happens.  But when the little things happen over and over again, it adds up, and then when something big happens it's the straw that breaks the camel's back.  I don't care for conflict, but something has to be said so they fix this and don't drop the ball again.

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