Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fun at a Bounce House

Yesterday I met up with a group of mom-friends that I met online, and we had a get together at a local bounce place.  It was the first time Judith has been at a place like that, and she had a blast!  Given the location of this particular venue, I was trying to figure out how they got all of the inflatable equipment inside, but once we were in there and I saw how expansive it really was, I was impressed.  It's about $8 for a 2 hour session, and it's all open bounce during regular business hours so that's a big bonus.

It took Judith a bit of time to figure things out, but once she got going she had a great time!  When we first got there, there was a large group of older kids bouncing around, but it was pretty awesome to see some of the older kids helping out Judith and some of her other little friends!

I'm really grateful that we went to this place instead of trying to do what we originally planned (we thought about going to a local zoo, but the weather was really iffy, so we opted for indoor activities to be safe), because now I discovered yet another place that we can go to this fall and winter when it's too cold or nasty to be outside.

She was so eager to get into the moon bounce that I forgot to take her glasses off.  Oops!  Thankfully we didn't have any incidents and I didn't have to take her for a frame readjustment.

The toddler structures were a huge hit...

... as were the slides!

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  1. This place looks super fun! Glad she enjoyed it!