Friday, August 30, 2013

Meds, Appointments, and A New Pediatrician

Earlier in the week, I expressed my... uh... frustrations with the pediatrician practice regarding the testing they did on Judith's poo.  I tactfully voiced my concerns at Judith's hospitalization follow up appointment Wednesday, and felt like they were brushing me off, so I talked to John and we made the final decision to switch to a different practice.  I called the new place the same day, and Thursday morning received a call back from the office manager to discuss things.  I was very pleased with the phone interview, and even though the new practice is much larger than the one we're coming from, they seem to have their act together better, they have a more efficient program in place for those with special needs, and their hours are absolutely awesome.  The only thing I had to do was switch Judith's secondary insurance to a different option because they don't accept her current secondary anymore, so if (and knock on wood this doesn't happen) she gets sick and has to be seen before October 1, we'll just have to pay our regular primary insurance copay.  We will, however, still be covered with all of her specialists.

Judith's CF team and I are still working on making sure her system's cleaned out and finding the proper dosage of Miralax to get her poo to the desired "ideal."  We're going to stick with the half cap twice a day routine for now, and I will take her for another abdominal x-ray so they can see if things are still clear in her GI tract.  I really need Judith to give me a good, dirty diaper that day as well so we can send a sample to the lab to get her exact elastice numbers so we can work out a monitoring plan for the future.

While I'm glad August is coming to an end and fall is around the corner, I'm not exactly looking forward to all of the appointments that are coming up, especially now that we have some extra ones thrown into the mix.  Judith has her follow up with the renal specialist to check on the calcification in her kidneys, she has her annual eye exam and we'll be ordering new frames (yay!), her big CF clinic visit with annual labs is quickly approaching, and now we have to add the x-ray, stool collection, and an MRI to the mix because they want to check something that turned up on her last x-ray when she was in the hospital.  I'm hoping that after all of this, things will go back to a more normal pace and will calm down a bit.


  1. You guys have had rough few days/weeks. Glad you found a new ped and hope it all works out.

    1. Thanks! I hope it all works out, too.