Friday, August 23, 2013


It's been quite a while since I updated, and things got even crazier after the adventure we had with Judith whacking her head.  Very long story short, we were dealing with a week and a half of diarrhea, and went through the gamut of possibilities including possible giardia, c. diff, e. coli, and even pancreatic insufficiency.  Turns out Judith was actually pretty significantly backed up, but didn't have a bowel obstruction, and was "squirting" around everything else.  We just got home this evening after a 3 day stay at Hershey Medical Center's new children's hospital so Judith could get cleaned out.  I have never dealt with so much poop in my life, and it was certainly... interesting.  Apparently this situation isn't a super unusual thing to happen to a CF patient, but it's something I hope we can try to keep at bay so Judith doesn't have to go through it again anytime soon.  I felt horrible for her (and for the nurses, because some of those diapers were horrifying), and knew she was miserable.  But the good news is we got her cleaned out, and we're home.  We're all also exhausted, and I can say that both Judith and I are looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tonight.

I'll type up a more detailed entry or 2 over the weekend chronicling our adventure.

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