Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ok, winter.  You can officially be done now.  I'm not appreciating your at least once weekly big snow events.  You're not supposed to be doing this anyway - in case you missed the memo, it's a La Nina year, meaning that your patterns are not supposed to be similar to last year (which was, in fact, an El Nino year).  Oh, and to all the meteorologists who said that this winter would be "mild" and precip would be "average to below average" I give you one big giant raspberry:


So if you couldn't tell, and for those of you who are reading this from warmer climes (although I use the term "warmer" loosely, since it's pretty darn cold in the south right now too), we're in for another snowfall with amounts on the larger side.  I like to think of these snows as "landscaper storms" - meaning we don't have to worry about snow removal because the total accumulations are 3" or more.  I thought I had made a small pact with mother nature this winter: no snow until the baby comes home from the hospital.  So much for that thought.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: normally I wouldn't mind the snow.  I happen to like it most of the time, thank you very much.  But this year is an exception, and I want all of that frozen goodness to melt away and soak into the ground.  It makes it so difficult to travel to the hospital, and I will go absolutely insane if I can't make it one day to see Judith.  I went this morning, and the roads positively sucked.  At least they were better for the trip home, and I intentionally didn't linger after her noon care so I could be assured I would make it home safely.  In retrospect, I probably should have either waited the morning snow out (and still wouldn't have made it for a care time or would have been able to stay long) or not gone up at all.  But I made it there and back safely, and that's what counts.

The dogs are less than thrilled about the snow.  We got close to 3" this morning alone, and they were having a fit about going out to do their business.  Buster refused to go farther than off the step, and Lady meandered around confused for a few minutes before finally deciding to finish.  I do feel bad for them - I wouldn't want that cold snow on my bare feet either.  I've thought about getting them some of those doggie booties.  We had some for our Westie when I was growing up, and she enjoyed them once she got used to them.  I'm just not sure that I want to have to worry about putting 8 booties on 2 dogs, one of which refuses to sit still to get dressed (hint: it's not Lady), every stinking time they have to go out.  It's not like they enjoy the snow anyway and want to stay out to play.  Heck, it's a miracle if they even get off the step and actually do what they're supposed to out there!  Once it's all over we'll have to clear off the patio again, and that should help improve things...and make for 2 happier Bostons.

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