Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The doctor called me - they have the blood cultures back.  Judith has Group B Strep and related meningitis.  She remains on the current antibiotics, and is still responding to them, but they are waiting for the culture to come back so they can tailor her antibiotic treatment.  She'll be on them for about 2 weeks.

I can imagine that there's only 1 place she got it from: me.  I feel like the worst mother, and it's all my fault that my baby is suffering right now.  I was never tested.  I remember reading in my pregnancy books that it's standard to test for it late in the 3rd trimester, closer to delivery.  I never made it that far, and there wasn't time to test for Group B.  The doctor told me that they wouldn't have altered the course of treatment for Judith, because my membranes hadn't ruptured prior to delivery.

Because of the meningitis, we have no clue what the long-term implications could be.  All the doctor would say was that they would follow her closely in the developmental clinic and through early intervention programs.  At this point, she's not concerned with it being fatal.  I say as long as my baby is alive, any other complications can be handled.

It's going to be a very long 2 weeks.....

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