Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, forget that.

We just got delayed like NASA delays a shuttle launch.  No baby home this weekend.  Now we're looking at sometime midweek next week...

Apparently Judith got cold after her bath last night.  Her temp was just slightly below 97.5, and she started to slow down on her feedings because she was using too many calories to maintain her body temp and had no energy left to eat.  So they stuck her back in an isolette and jacked the temperature up to 29 degrees celsius.  I'm not too pleased that they cranked the temperature up that high - naturally, it didn't take long for Judith's body temperature to go above 99.  Duh - I know my daughter, and she gets too hot when the temperatures are that high.  I have a feeling I know who the nurse practitioner was last night, and if it's the one I'm thinking of she's really on my s*** list now (previously this NP diagnosed my daughter with NEC before doing an abdominal x-ray and was telling me all about the condition, as were 2 of the nurses that I had never seen before and honestly haven't seen since).  I am beyond pissed at the entire situation because NO ONE bothered to call me last night to tell us this was happening.  John was making arrangements to take off of work so we could bring her home tomorrow, we made arrangements for my parents to dog sit (Dad was already here to pick them up when Judith's day nurse returned my call), and were planning to do night watch tonight.  Well that's not happening now because she's back in the isolette.

At least I was able to talk to the doctor, who was very apologetic that no one called last night.  I certainly don't blame him - it's not his fault, and he wasn't even there to see what was going on (the nurse practitioners are mostly on call overnight).

Oh, and did I mention that they put the feeding tube back in?  Yeah.  Yet another setback that'll keep us there at least 4 more days before we can talk about discharge.  I can almost guarantee that Judith will self-wean her isolette temp again (just like she did the last time), and since she already took all of her feeds for a 24 hour time period, she'll pick up on that again real fast.  I really hope that they keep her on the cue-based feeds for all feeds and only gavage her when absolutely necessary - like if she's absolutely wiped out and refuses to feed.

Am I in a foul mood?  Heck yeah.  Am I being unreasonable?  Maybe a tiny bit, but I honestly don't care.  I get it that Judith can't come home if she's not going to maintain her body temp and eat like she should.  I get it that if she can't do it at home she'll end up right back in the NICU again.  I could've been saved a lot of aggravation if the nurse practitioner and the night shift nurses would have simply called me to let me know what was up.  I think it would've saved the doctor some aggravation as well, because now he'll have to deal with them not calling me.

Do I hate being a pain about it?  Yeah, I do.  Did I have to call and talk to the doctor as my daughter's advocate.  Yes.  And I'm glad I called this morning, because I probably would've blown a gasket had we arrived tonight expecting to do night watch with Judith in a regular newborn bassinet, only to find her in a closed isolette with the temperature cranked up.

That's it.  Vent over.

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