Saturday, January 15, 2011


We're in a holding pattern.  It's like a delay on Amtrak's rail lines.  And we have absolutely no clue how long we'll be in this pattern.  But we're getting close to coming home again.

Judith remains in the incubator, but we're almost at the 27 degree mark again.  She took all of her feeds from the bottle in the last 24 hours as of 3:00 this afternoon, but they want to leave the feeding tube in, just in case they need to use it (and so they don't have to put her through inserting it again).  She's still doing well - she just needs to learn that she needs to maintain her body temperature and take all of her feeds from the bottle without burning too many calories and tiring herself out.  And she just needs a little more time to do it.

I'm so glad that she had a nurse overnight and one all day today that we really like, and Judith seems to like and responds well to.  Her day nurse today was one that had her when she was first born, so she knows the progress Judith has made and pretty much knows how much Judith can handle.  I was definitely much less frustrated today when I found out who her nurse was overnight and all day today, and she'll have the same nurses tonight and tomorrow as well.

We were able to work on a little bit of organization around the house this afternoon.  I finally have a place to put blankets, bibs, diapers, and diapering supplies!  I feel much better knowing that I could put all of these things away and have them handy for when she comes home.

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