Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday & Numbers

It was a week ago that Judith got sick.  She looks and is doing much, much better this week.  Let's hope we don't have any more repeat incidences!

We are on day 5 of antibiotics - only 9 more to go, and we can bring her home!  Just as one of the doctors predicted, she's more than ready to come home now, but the antibiotic treatment is holding her back.  As I said in a previous post, though, I'm glad she is and was there when this all happened because they were able to catch it quickly, and, most importantly, treat it quickly before it could progress to a severe state.

So in a nutshell, Judith is doing fabulously well, is gaining weight (she's up to 4 lbs 12.2 oz!), is taking all of her feeds by bottle (and more often than not takes more than her minimum feed amount, eating around 2 oz each feed), and is maintaining her body temperature.  I hope I'm not jinxing her by saying all of this!

I forgot to really commit some of her weekly stat numbers to memory, so I'll just post those that I can remember:
Weight: 4 lbs 12.2 oz
Length: 43 cm
Feed Amount: minimum 45 oz, taking anywhere from 50-60 at almost all feeds (1 or 2 during the day are a bit less, but she's compensating for when she takes extra) - translates to about 2 oz each feed

I'm excited to know that she will be coming home very soon, but at the same time I'm being really cautious about the whole thing.  The other 2 times we thought she was coming home she wasn't able to keep up with all of the bottle feeds and then she got sick.  Both John & I feel good about this time, though, and she's proving to us that she really can do all of this.  And she should be able to, based on her gestational age - as of tomorrow, she would be considered "term" if she were born.  She's still going to be a little peanut when she comes home thanks to the IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), but she's doing everything she should be doing at this age.  Go Judith!

Buster & Lady had a big day yesterday.  They went to the vet for their annual check-ups.  Both were excited to see everyone, but Buster started to stress once we got into the exam room, and especially once he got up on the table.  He started to do his drooling thing (all over the vet's hand too - gross!), and when I was paying the bill he threw up a little bit on the floor.  Lady was jumping all over the place, and was even "talking" to the receptionist once she realized they were the center of attention.  They got their annual vaccines, and Lady got 2 treats because Buster refused to take his.  Lady was funny when we went to weigh them - she walked right onto the scale and stood still for the nurse!  Buster needed a little coaxing, but he too got up on the scale and sniffed the wall while being weighed.  And Lady apparently felt the need to get on the scale again, because she hopped up with Buster.  Overall, though, they were super well behaved - a good thing, because I had them there myself!  There weren't any other dogs there at the time either, and that certainly helped a ton.

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