Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I never expected that having a preemie means so many appointments!

Last Friday, we made the trek to Hershey, this time for the next phase of the study.  The nurses loved being able to see Judith, and they were very impressed at how she's grown since she was born.  Her weight was 8 lbs 2 oz, and she's 21 inches long!  We have officially outgrown any Gerber newborn clothing because she's getting so big, and the others will only be a few weeks behind.  I started putting her in some of the 0-3 month size sleepers at night, and they're huge on her...but not for long!  Just like with her preemie clothes, we're outgrowing most of them in length long before we are for weight.  But I'm rambling - back to Hershey!  The pediatric specialist that they bring in to examine the babies was very impressed with Judith.  He knew right away from looking at her that she's a preemie, but her exam couldn't have gone better if we had asked.  He told us that she's fine and that we have a perfectly healthy baby!  He couldn't detect the heart murmur, so I'm guessing that if it's still there, it's very, very small.  We'll find out next week when we see the pediatric cardiologist for her NICU follow-up.

Judith's last Synagis shot for the season is this week, and she has her 4 month shots and well-baby visit next week.  After that, we have the clear to go out!

I'm getting extremely anxious to take her out into public, and an event from Friday did not help.  On our way back from Hershey, my mom, John, Judith, & I stopped at a local Vietnamese restaurant to pick up lunch.  I stayed in the car with Judith, and everyone else went in to pick up the food.  I was sitting in the front seat, and looked back to check on Judith.  Next thing I know, there's some random old lady looking inside the car, literally plastering her face up to the window, staring at my baby.  I'm glad I had locked the doors, because I didn't know what she was up to, and I was getting nervous.  Then she starts tapping on the windows, and I gave her a dirty look.  Then she sees me in the front seat (it's not like I was hard to miss - I had on my bright lavender winter coat), and starts banging on the windows, saying something about how she didn't think anyone was in the car, blah, blah, blah.  I yelled, "Well I'm obviously in here!"  She stopped banging on the windows, but continued to stare at Judith while she was getting into her car.  It was beyond creepy, and I swear the old coot was ready to bash in the windows the second she saw Judith sitting in the car seat.  She's darn lucky that my mom's car alarm didn't start going off from her banging on the windows.  Now that I think back on it, I should've blown the horn or something to scare her off.  The whole thing was beyond weird, and now I'm worrying about what people will do to Judith when they see her out in public.

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