Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We got our last Synagis injection of the season today!  Poor Judith had to have 2 separate shots because she's over the limit for the amount allowed per leg.  A fact I didn't know is they base the Synagis dose on weight, and apparently they can only inject so much into each leg.  So 2 separate shots it was!  She's been eating well, but has been sleepy most of the day, and I'm hoping this means she'll sleep well tonight.  Currently she's zonked in the Moby.

The dogs have been very excited the last 24 hours, and it will continue into tomorrow.  They had visitors last night (our pastor came for our pre-baptism meeting), a visitor today (my dad came up to help out so I could get some work done without having to worry about holding Judith all.the.time.), and will have 3 visitors tomorrow.  I'm excited - my aunt, uncle, and cousin's son are coming for a visit!  My aunt will finally get to see the house, and all 3 will finally get to meet Judith!  I'm curious to see how my cousin's baby (well, more like toddler!) will react to small dogs - they have a rottie, so he's used to a very big dog roaming around.  Anyway, you would think that the dogs are neglected daily or something the way they act when company comes.  Granted they don't get 100% of the attention 24/7 like they used to, but they still get a fair chunk of my time on any given day.

And on a completely random note, I'm glad the weather's finally going to warm up over the weekend into next week.  Keep going, weather - I'm ready for flip flops and putting Judith in rompers/sunsuits!

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