Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adventures with Finger Foods

Judith has pretty much rejected purees at this point (she will still eat some pureed fruits, but veggies are a definite no-go), so we've been experimenting with finger foods.  Her timing isn't that great - I wouldn't be quite as frustrated if we didn't have the possible weight gain issue going on.  So after talking with a couple fellow CF mamas, I'm experimenting with different foods and different ways to boost her caloric intake.

She's handling the new solids well.  For a few weeks, we've been giving her different Gerber finger foods, and she loves most of them; but it's also time to introduce regular table foods.  She's had some canned/steamed veggies, her first taste of beef pot pie, some spaghetti, buttered noodles, mac & cheese, waffles with butter, and ::gasp:: french fries.  She doesn't eat a lot of any 1 thing, so the formula helps compensate.  As she grows and her tummy gains more space, I'm hoping this will change.  Maybe it's more of an issue of things being new and she's unsure about whether she really likes it or not.  She's such a mystery sometimes.

I do know 2 furry creatures that are thoroughly enjoying mealtime these days.  Buster and Lady certainly aren't lacking for food around here.  Heck, the other week Buster helped himself to Judith's entire breakfast (and did get punished for stealing food... stinker).  Lady's much more patient with Judith, and will wait until I place the leftovers on the floor for them to clean up (since it's mostly veggies anyway, it doesn't hurt them at all haha!), but trust me - she's just as enthusiastic about the table food as Buster is.  Let's just say it's really awesome to have 2 furry vacuums to clean up the trails left behind.  ;)

The one thing that's bothering me, and probably will bother me for a while, are the sanctimonious Judgey McJudgersons who feel the need to lecture me about my child's eating habits, especially when they know nothing about our situation.  She gets plenty of healthy foods, but I'll be damned if I'm never going to pass up an opportunity for her to have some high calorie, junky foods - if it'll help her gain weight, so be it.  She's not eating it all the time, and really there are much bigger things to worry about in life than concocting some lame theory equating eating a chicken nugget to eating a bowl of nuclear waste.

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