Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Fun and a Get Together

This weekend was filled with so many fun activities - it was busy, and we're all tired, but it was definitely worth it!

Saturday we took Judith to a pumpkin patch for the first time.  She couldn't do a lot of things, and wasn't able to appreciate a lot of it, but she still had fun!  We went on a hay ride, which went through the orchard and made a stop at the pumpkin patch - you could get off and pick your own pumpkin, but we decided to stay on the ride.  It's not like Judith could really "pick her own" pumpkin this year anyway, and it would be more fun for her to be able to walk around the patch and explore.  Plus the price per pound was kind of expensive, and the pre-picked pumpkins were much cheaper.  We chose a pre-picked, smaller sized pumpkin for Judith's first Halloween!

Judith is not amused.

Hay rides are fun!

Sitting amongst a bunch of pumpkins

I'm not sure if John's going to carve it for her or not - it's on him if he wants it carved.  I honestly hate carving pumpkins.  It's such a mess, and whenever I try to carve anything, it always turns out dumb.  I'd rather paint it so it lasts longer.  We'll have to make a decision, but for now it looks quite decorative in the living room as is!

Today Judith and I drove to Hershey for a get together with some of the great ladies I talk to online.  We met at Zoo America, and spent the afternoon socializing and looking at the different animals.  Zoo America isn't a huge zoo, but it's a decent size: something like 11 acres, and they have different animals from all over North America.  There were a few animals missing (most notably the bison that died in the recent floods), a few habitats under construction, and some animals sleeping/hiding, but overall we saw a good bulk of the animals housed there.  It was such a fun afternoon - it was great to meet many of the ladies, and see a couple that I've met before!

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