Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NICU Visit

Unlike the potentially stressful visits of our past, this NICU visit was a good one!  We took Judith back to St. Luke's yesterday afternoon to see the staff and to show off her progress.  There weren't a lot of nurses there, and there were definitely nurses, neos, and NPs that we missed seeing, so we'll have to go again sometime!  Those that were there, though, were impressed by Judith's progress and were glad that we brought her back to see them.  I need to talk to John and see if we can swing another visit this month.  After Halloween, a visit won't be possible because of RSV season - we definitely don't want to risk taking anything to the NICU, and on the same token I want to avoid potential germy places (like hospitals) as much as possible for Judith's sake.

Going back definitely brought back a ton of memories, some good, some bad.  But it was nice to be able to let everyone see that the hard work they did for Judith (and for all of the babies that pass through the NICU doors) really paid off, and she's able to thrive because of the care they gave her in the first 63 days of her life.

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