Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Eye Exam

It's Judith's first Halloween today, so how do we celebrate?  With a follow-up appointment to the opthamologist!

In a previous post, I mentioned that we were monitoring Judith for strabismus.  Much to our relief, it turns out she has pseudostrabismus: it may look like her eyes are crossing, but they really aren't.  It has a lot to do with her facial structure, and as she grows it should go away.

We also learned that we can hold off on getting her glasses for at least another 3 months.  The doctor doesn't think it's necessary to give her glasses right now, but we are closely monitoring how Judith does with the farsightedness.  It's inevitable that she'll end up with glasses in the near future, but I'm hoping to hold off as long as possible in the hopes that it'll be a bit easier to teach her not to rip them off her face when she's older.

Judith didn't go Trick or Treating this year - I thought it would be a bit silly to take her around, and there would only be 2 places we'd go to anyway (our neighbors on either side).  Plus I feel bad getting candy for her when she can't eat it.  That probably sounds completely silly.  Anyway, we did dress her up in her costume for her appointment, and managed to snap a picture of her with the dogs in their costumes:

L to R: Buster (cow, or "Boo Cow"), Judith (pumpkin), Lady (unicorn)

Happy Halloween!

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