Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Normal and Normal

I love hearing that a test result comes back normal!  We've had plenty of "not normal" results from tests, so it's always nice to hear something's functioning the way it should be.

I called the CF clinic to see if they had Judith's stool specimen results, and everything was "very normal" according to the nurse.  She's still pancreatic sufficient - yay!  I'll admit that I was concerned that something was up, because she's had some funky looking poops recently.  Now I'm attributing it to the slight change of diet, and the addition of more yogurt.

Today we took the little peanut for a follow up hearing test.  She more than passed the standard newborn test before she was discharged from the NICU, but because she was on different antibiotics and because of the possible meningitis with the GBS infection we had to do a repeat to make sure the antibiotics didn't mess with her hearing.  I know she hears fine, but this test helped confirm that - everything looks good!  In some ways I wish we would've held off for another month and a half, to avoid the whole having to force her to sleep thing so they could check the nerve function leading to the brain stem.  The tech explained that once babies are a year or older, they just do the tests we did before trying to get Judith to sleep.  After an hour of Judith being very silly (and laughing at my mom for no reason - that was hilarious though!), she finally fell asleep and they were able to test 1 ear.  We tried moving her head to get to the other ear, but she woke up, therefore we couldn't finish the test.  Worst case, our pediatrician will want to reschedule the test, and we'll have to go through all of this again, but I'm going to push to skip it since everything else came back normal - why go through it again, and try to force Judith to nap in a new setting where she wants to explore everything?

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