Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Months!

Judith, you are 10 months old today!

Here are your highlights from the past month:

* Things are steadily becoming more interesting, as you are exploring your environment even more!  It helps that you are much more mobile, and you're having an easier time getting to things.

* You had an occupational therapy (OT) evaluation at the beginning of the month; there was some concern about your fine motor skills when you went to the NICU developmental clinic, but after a full evaluation there isn't a significant delay after all... well, not really more than what we expect when we adjust your age.  :)

* We have been watching your vision, and noticed some eye crossing when you are focusing on objects (the occupational therapist noticed it, as did your pediatrician).  We got a referral to a pediatric opthamologist to check for strabismus.  Mommy took a picture of your eyes after the appointment, and it looks like we may be noticing pseudostrabismus - in other words, your eyes aren't really crossing, but your facial structure right now makes it look like they are crossing.  The doctor did confirm your farsightedness, and we needed to make another appointment to monitor that.  You may end up with glasses by the end of this month, or the beginning of the next, to start correcting it.  You can blame it on our family's lousy vision genes ha ha.

* You had your 9 month well-baby visit, and received 2 shots: your final Hepatitis B, which completed that series, and your first flu shot (you will need a booster for that, and will get it in a couple days from today).  Your pediatrician ordered your Synagis shots, and you're actually near the top of the list to receive them.

* We actually didn't have to take you to the CF Clinic this month for an appointment!

* You ventured to Knoebel's again, and this time we met up with your other grandparents, your uncle, and your cousins!  You enjoyed your time, and got to ride the train while Daddy held you!

* You experienced an historic weather event: record flooding.  You're obviously way too young to understand what happened, but someday we will tell you about it.  Where we live, we were very lucky and did not see high flood waters, but so many other areas, especially those where family and friends live, were not so lucky.

* We took you to another Rail-B-Q, and you enjoyed seeing 1 Amtrak train and 2 freight trains.

* You are continuing with your physical therapy through Early Intervention, and are making progress (more about that in the milestones section)!

* You have 2 teeth!  Both of them are on the bottom, and they're the front ones.  You seem to be teething again, but I can't see any that are even remotely close to cutting.

Judith's 10 Month Stats:
Adjusted Age: 7 months, 2 weeks, 3 days

Weight: 15 lbs. (as of 9/7/11)

Length: 25" (as of 9/7/11)

Hair and Eye Color: Your hair color hasn't changed - it's very much like Mommy's: a lighter brown with a reddish tint.  Your eyes are hazel - blue with flecks of brown and a little bit of gray in them.

Clothing Size: 3-6 month

Diaper Size: 3

Feedings: You drink about 20 oz of Neosure each day, and eat 2 meals of purees (3-3.5 oz at each meal) with miscellaneous finger foods (puffs, mum mums, Lil' Crunchers, or arrowroot).

Medicines/Treatment Routines and Therapies: Zantac for reflux, albuterol (inhaler + spacer) for your CF, and 2 vitamins (1 specially compounded for people with CF); CPT twice every day; physical therapy once a week for an hour

Developmental Milestones: You are a little chatterbox, and it sounds like you are getting closer to saying your first word(s)!  You are extremely curious, and like to explore everything. You creep around on the floor, and try to crawl in a way that people typically think of when they visualize a baby crawling - you're actually getting pretty fast at what you're doing!  You are doing better at picking things up; you don't quite have the skills for a pincer grasp, but you can pick things up with your fist and get it to your mouth.  You love Buster and Lady - you try to touch/pet them whenever you can, and you think they're hilarious (you laugh at them often).  You still enjoy blowing raspberries and perfecting your "excited" shriek, and now you are starting to semi-hug people and the dogs!  You are oh-so-close to pushing yourself into a sitting position, and sitting on your own.  You can sit unsupported for longer stretches, and can go from a sitting-to-crawling position; now you just need to figure out that when you're sitting on your hip you can push yourself upright with the arm you're supporting yourself with so you can sit upright!

Happy 10 months, Judith!  Only 2 more months until your big day!

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