Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ouch Update (haha)

Our biting situation is getting a bit better.  I'm working on creating an arsenal of supplies to keep handy for entertainment purposes (apparently Anderson Cooper isn't entertainment enough during those morning CPT times), so we'll see what they can do to help turn things around.  Videos and whatnot will probably become therapy treats around here very quickly.

Judith made an attempt to bite my dad last Thursday when he did her CPT (his work schedule finally worked out so I could actually accept one of the teaching days I got called for), but he was able to avoid those little razors.  She started to go after my arm once on Friday, but for some reason stopped.  And after seeing what I saw this afternoon, I may have a reasoning for a small part of the problem: tooth #8 is queued up and ready to rupture through the gums very, very soon.  We're talking a full-blown pit where that sucker will make it's appearance within the next 24-36 hours (based off of her pattern from when I actually notice the pit).  And as a side note, if you never noticed this phenomenon while your child is teething, it's kind of freaky to see.  There's nothing more bizarre than seeing a small hole in your child's gum, then seeing the first portions of a tooth poking through a day later.

Anyway, we currently have 8 small bottles of bubbles that were purchased yesterday at Wal-Mart (4 packs of which will make their way to my parents' house so they have some there), and I want to try using those as an extra treat - the nurses at the CF Clinic will sometimes use bubbles to distract Judith when they're taking her vitals, and she really seemed to enjoy them.  Fingers crossed that the novelty doesn't wear off too quickly, but if she's anything like me that novelty will never wear off.

We'll see how this goes - with any luck, she'll keep her interest in these new things long enough to give me time to think of some backups when stuff becomes stale.

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