Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spring Fever!

Considering the bulk of this winter so far has felt more like spring, I don't understand why I'm getting antsy for warmer weather.  I think looking at the spring lines of smocked clothing is doing it though - I can't wait to get some new, cute outfits for Judith, and I want it to be warm so she can wear them.  I pretty much have her Easter dress picked out, in addition to a small handful of other outfits that will be absolutely adorable for church and stuff!  I really want to shop for shoes, but I know that's something I'll have to wait on - I feel confident that she'll be walking by Easter, so she'll need shoes with a decent tread or grip on the bottom.  And I'm not quite sure what size she'll need either, so there's that.

Personally I'm ready to break out my cute sun dresses and sandals.  I really love to wear sweaters, but I'm ready to put them away until next year.  I'm sick of bundling up, and I'm ready to open the windows and air out the house.  I miss fresh air.

Maybe if it snowed a little more, I wouldn't be quite as antsy, but until winter decides to act more like, well, winter, I don't see the drive for wanting spring here now leaving anytime soon.

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