Saturday, March 3, 2012

15 Months!

No, I haven't forgotten about the month birthday posts!  Now that I have a mobile toddler who is into absolutely everything and is often too nosy to stay still to do a decent photo shoot, it's hard to keep up with taking specific pictures every month.  That, and it seems like once you get past a year, months aren't as important to many people.  For us, it's strictly a time thing, plus it's easier for me to do these quarterly since those months seem a little more significant (if that makes sense) - it coincides nicely with her well baby visits!  :)

So, Miss Judith, you are now 15 months old as of today!  You haven't been super busy with activities away from home, save for doctor/specialist appointments since we're in the thick of cold/flu/RSV season, but you did get to do some fun things.

* You had a play date with your friend (and her big brother and big sister!), and mommy had a get together with her friend!

* You've been going to church fairly regularly.

*We had a small concern that you were going pancreatic insufficient, and you were on enzymes for about 2 weeks before we found out that things are normal and you don't need them!  It's great news, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that you can continue down this path for over a year and a half before they can give you more of an all-clear.

* You take your straw sippy of Pediasure like a champ!  We can't find the berry flavor anywhere, and the medical supply store doesn't carry it, but you basically have a liquid banana split sitting on the shelves downstairs - you love the strawberry, banana, chocolate, and vanilla flavors!

* You've had many opportunities to visit your family and some of your friends, and you always enjoy spending time with them!

* Your eyes haven't changed, so we can wait until your next annual appointment to reevaluate.  That means you have a good 8 months between appointments, and a good 8 months when you can remain glasses free!

Judith's 15 Month Stats

Adjusted Age: 1 year, 2 weeks, 2 days old

Weight: 19 lbs

Length: 28"

Hair & Eye Color: You still don't have a ton of hair, but it's more than what you had on your first birthday!  It's got a reddish tint to it, sort of like mommy's.  Your eyes have more brown in them than ever, but there are still some bluish-gray flecks in them.

Teeth: 8!  In the last 3 months, you have been a teething machine!  You have 4 front teeth each on the top and the bottom, with more on the way.  You are currently working on some molars, and there might be others that are starting to work their way to the surface - I try to time the "inspection" of your gums for when we brush your teeth or when I know you'll let me feel your gums so I don't risk losing any fingers!

Clothing: You're wearing all 6-9 month clothes, but certain things are starting to get too short - it all depends on the brand and how much it's been through the washer/dryer!  By Easter, you'll be ready for 12 month sizes.

Diaper Size: Size 3 during the day, size 4 overnight

Meals: You eat whatever we eat, but you definitely have some things you don't care for (meat, for example).  You drink about 20-24oz of Pediasure every day!

Developmental Milestones: You have been busy in the last 3 months!  The list of new things you're doing includes:
* constant, "nonsensical" babbling
* saying mama, dada, boo, di (for Lady), doggy, piggy, boon (for balloon).  You're not really consistently saying these things, but we're counting them as words since you've said them a couple times here and there!
* furniture cruising, lately with 1 hand
* walking with assistance - you move really fast with a push toy!
* taking 1-2 occasional unassisted steps when you're feeling extra brave
* imitating silly sounds mommy or daddy makes
* holding your sippy consistently
* hugging your toys, mommy, daddy, and your grandparents/great grandparents
* crawling up and down the stairs, and starting to walk down the stairs
* clapping, wiggling, bouncing/"dancing"
* stooping to pick up a toy or book and standing up unassisted
So as you can see, you're starting to have a developmental explosion!  We're hoping that you can be discharged from Early Intervention after your 1 year evaluation in April, but we won't be surprised if you qualify for a few more months of services because of the stair navigation.  But overall, we're so pleased and proud of the progress you've made!

Happy 15 months Judith!

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