Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Step Closer

To walking, that is!  My grandparents decided to swing by for a visit today - they had made their weekly trek to one of the local farmers' markets, and they bought me some asparagus and brussels sprouts (yum!).  So they wanted to bring it to me while it was still fresh, and also visit with Judith.  While they were here, Judith was playing with her great-grandpa's hat, and thought it would be awesome to take a bunch of steps independently!  She took 4 steps, paused a bit, then took 3 more!  This is the 2nd time she's taken about 4 steps alone - last Friday, she took 4 independent steps for my dad while I was at work.

3-4 steps seems to be her maximum at this point, and she only does it when she's holding/is distracted by something.  She furniture cruises and walks with her push toy like a champ, though, and all it's going to take is her building up her confidence more and taking off.

Fingers crossed that she'll be walking by Easter - she's wearing a dress, and right now has a fit because she can't crawl properly in it.  So if walking means it'll save us a tantrum or 2, I'll take it!

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