Friday, March 9, 2012

Donations Are Starting To Roll In!

I can't begin to express how much I appreciate the donations our family team is receiving!  The walk is getting closer, and seeing people starting to donate is giving me warm fuzzies - people care so much about Judith, and want to help kick CF in the butt!  To everyone who has donated so far, I send you a HUGE thank you!

It's been a slow week around here.  Judith is still working on walking up and down the stairs. Going down is getting easier, but the going up part is still a struggle for her.  Her legs are really bent, and I really believe a big part of the problem is that she's so short - she has to stretch a lot to swing her leg onto the step to progress.  Crawling up is definitely less work, but she has to learn to walk up eventually.

And speaking of walking, the "goal" that I've been hoping for (Judith walking by Easter) is looking more and more likely.  She's getting very brave while furniture cruising, and many times this week she let go of whatever she was holding on to.  She walks easily with support, and behind her new Thomas the Tank Engine push/ride toy, but she just needs to get more confidence before she takes steps on her own!  She's tried it here and there, and gets a step or 2 out of it before bending over and crawling.  We're getting close, and that means a whole new element of fun will begin around here.

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