Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outstanding Weather!

I cannot get over how insanely awesome the weather is right now!  Considering it's only mid-March, and we've gotten nailed with major Nor'Easters/blizzards around this time in the past, it makes me glad that spring has sprung!

I've had the windows open and airing out the house for the last couple of days.  Judith and I took a nice walk this morning, and she gave her new sunglasses a whirl - I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but this kid absolutely refuses to keep anything on her head for more than a few minutes.  My parents got her some cute sunglasses at Target the other week that have a strap that goes around her head so they stay in place.  They kind of remind me of Doggles, but for humans ha ha!  After Judith realized that the glasses were wonderful for keeping the sun out of her eyes (and probably once she realized how cute she looked since I kind of made a big deal about how she was "rockin' her new shades"), she left them alone.  They stayed on the entire walk!  Makes me feel a little more confident that once she gets glasses she won't be ripping them off of her face within .5 seconds of putting them on.

The dogs are enjoying the warmer weather as well!  Buster can be so poky when he goes out to do his business (his foster mommy always said he was a "good pooper"!), but lately he's taken some extra time to sniff everything.  Poor guy is having some problems with his allergies, and he's itchier than normal, especially when the air is super dry on top of it - much like it was today.  Even Lady, who is very much a run-outside-and-do-your-thing-as-quickly-as-possible girl, has been sniffing the air and enjoying having the windows open so she can bark at all of the neighborhood hounds walking by.  Both dogs have been slowly moving back to their favorite spring/summer/fall positions in the dining room, into the favored spot where the sun angles in and warms the floor.

I really hope this gorgeous weather holds out until Easter - it'll make for a very nice holiday if it does!

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