Thursday, May 29, 2014

No News Is Good News

Nah, don't panic at the title.  I just meant that not hearing from me means nothing has really changed.  Well, besides the fact that the house is in an elevated state of chaos, but that's to be expected when you're getting things ready to stage.

One of my bigger predicaments at the moment is trying to figure out where I'm going to safely store all of Judith's equipment and meds where they'll be safe and out of sight once the house goes on the market and we have showings/open houses.  Many other CF moms have recommended this Ikea cart for storing Vest equipment, nebulizer and parts, and even meds that don't need refrigeration.  I absolutely love the concept, but am still debating if I want to shell out $15 in shipping so I don't have to drive super long to get one in-store.  That, and I'm not 100% sure that this cart will work with our SmartVest, since most of the people who are using them have Hill-Rom or Respritech vests.  In any case, I know I need to get this vest on wheels at some point, because the generator is so darn HEAVY.  And if it helps with storage, well, that's a definite bonus right now.

I did manage to clean out my closet over the weekend, and almost 6 hours later that sucker looks immaculate.  I haven't gotten rid of a lot of stuff since high school, so some of it was at least 12 years old.  9 trash bags of clothes and about 4 of shoes were donated, and earlier in the week I took a huge bag to the recycling center to donate since I knew the other places wouldn't accept it due to it's condition.  When he saw my closet, John actually said to me, "Is that seriously all you wear?!"  I think he was shocked, because my closet was literally jammed full of stuff, and now there's barely anything in there.  I seriously regret not doing that sooner, because I could've had an awesomely neat closet for the last 7 years!

Next on my list is Judith's room, and I know this is going to be a problem.  Toys will be going into storage, and I'm facing reality that it's time to sell all of her smaller clothes.  Certain things I'm definitely keeping, like all of her smocked and monogrammed outfits, most of her 24m/2T clothes since I can use them on my puppets if I get back into puppet ministry, and all of her preemie/NB clothes since she can use them as doll clothes (and I frankly have too much of an attachment to them to get rid of them anyway), but the rest will be sorted and either sold when we have a yard sale, or donated.  I'm anticipating that Judith is going to be upset by the amount of toys that will need to be stored, but realistically she doesn't play with a lot of them right now anyway, so rotating is going to be good for her... whether she wants to acknowledge that or not!

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