Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tune Ups and Clean Outs

Sometimes CF patients need additional help to clear up a complication that’s causing big problems, either over time or that pops up suddenly.  Sometimes measures are taken to try to clear up the problem at home, but when that doesn’t work, admission to the hospital happens so other interventions can be implemented.

During “tune ups,” CF patients often go into the hospital for up to 2 weeks for IV antibiotics, and an increased inhaled medication plan to get them back to a place where they have better lung functions and health.  IV medicines are administered through the patient’s PICC line or port, and sometimes patients can finish their course of antibiotics at home.

During a clean out, the patient often needs stronger medicines than what were tried at home to clear a bowel blockage.  An enema like Golytely can be administered through an NG tube, or through the g-tube if the patient has one.  If you remember one of my really long posts from August of 2013, Judith went through an inpatient clean out after developing a large blockage.

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